Week 3-Culture


For week three I will be talking about the different culture in Spain. I can say it is very different from our own but I enjoyed learning all about it and getting to be a part of it for 3 weeks. Culture in general affects education all over. In Spain they have a very laid back culture and they have very little discipline. This is very evident in the schools and is positive in the educational setting. With the laid back style students are more motivated to do work and are excited to learn. The children and teachers all get small breaks throughout the school day and a long hour and a half lunch. Many of the students walk home to eat and then come back to school. With the mini breaks and long lunch during the day students don't seem to lose their motivation and energy as easily as students in America. By the end of the day in America students loose their energy or become unfocused more easily but in Spain they have "brain breaks" you could say several times throughout the day which I believe helps with the energy levels and the ability to stay focused. Also in teachers being more laid back students seem to be more relaxed as well. One of the negatives that I noticed during my time in the schools was with a more laid back aspect and no discipline the classroom management aspect is not there which waste a lot of time between transitions. Many teachers seem to have to rush through activities at times because they start very late. The culture in the school affects the education in different ways then our culture affects education here. However, having been in both cultural settings in the schools I can use a variety of methods to incorporate both types of cultures in my classroom. This experience has also been a great reminder to always keep in mind my students backgrounds and history so I can combine many different cultures in the classroom to enhance the learning of all students!