Week Two

Week two here in Barcelona has flown by! We had a full week in the school and I saw so many great things. I am with boys all day long so the days are crazy but they go by very fast. During the school day I have been assisting my teacher in every class. I have not taught a lesson on my own yet over here but we do more of a co-teach type of method and a lot of one on one work with the students during the day. I mainly help students practice reading English and correct them when they speak. Ms. Alex also ask me to help explain things in English in a way that will be easier for students to understand. All of the American teachers are involved in every classroom that we go into and we all eat together and with other staff members of the school during breakfast and lunch times. The school we are in is very different then the schools I am used to being in. The first big difference is that of the gender separation. I feel that it is helpful in some ways but then in other ways I feel that learning isn't always taking place. So it has its ups and downs. Another difference is the structure and discipline. In the school here there is not much discipline or rules that students have to follow. There is also not a lot of classroom management which can be very chaotic at times. I have learned though that without as many rules the students do not hate coming to school as much, however, it can be very hard to gain control of the classroom and the attention of the students. The way the school works here compared to the schools at home as showed me such a variety of ways that things can be done. If I take a good balance of what I have learned here and what I have learned at home I can create a fun and positive classroom for future students to come.
This weekend a group of us took a trip to Rome, Italy. We spent two nights in the city and saw so many amazing sights. We got to visit the Vatican, The Colosseum, The Trevi Fountain, The Sistine Chapel, museums, and wonderful restaurants. The weekend went by in the blink of an eye with so much still left to see. I did make a wish and throw a coin in the Trevi fountain for my return to Rome one day! Today Monday May 1st was labor day here in Spain. I spent the day with my host family. We visited Tibidabo this morning which is a mountain with beautiful views and attractions, then we explored some of the streets in Barcelona. We went for a late lunch to an amazing restaurant in the mountains and ended the day at the beach.
I can't believe how fast week two went by and that tomorrow marks exactly one week until I will be on a plane headed back home. I miss all of my people at home so much and am excited for my return but I have grown to love this city and it's people. I plan to spend this last week here taking in every moment that I can and making  memories with my host family and the awesome group of friends that I get to travel with. We have a short four day week and then we will be on a plane headed to Paris early Saturday morning.

Here are pictures of me at the Colosseum and the Vatican. 
Until next time,