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The Journey is about to Begin

March 27, 2017

As I sit here and create this blog I can't help but feel overwhelmed with emotions. I can't believe how fast time has flown by since I first began my freshman year at WKU in 2013. Now I am exactly 3 weeks away from getting on a plane to travel abroad to Barcelona, Spain where I will finish the last part of my student teaching before graduation.

Coming to college I would have never imagined having this amazing opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and do something I wouldn't normally do. I have always loved traveling, but I have never had the chance to go over seas, especially without my family. I pray that with this journey I learn more about myself as a person and teacher. I can't wait to experience new cultures and see a whole new part of the world. A group of us plan to explore Barcelona during our time there but also plan to travel to Rome and other beautiful countries.

I know that my time there will be short so I want to take it all in and enjo…