First Week = First Impressions

We are about to finish up the first week or few days of being in the school. Tomorrow is Friday but it is a special celebration for the school which means no classes. Instead we will be celebrating Saint George's day or Sant Jordi in Spanish. It is a very big tradition here in Barcelona and the actual day is Sunday but the catholic school we are in uses Friday for a big celebration with food, games, and fun for all students and staff. The tradition is based on a legend here and the guys give the girls roses and the girls give the guys books. It is very similar to Valentine's Day for us in America. I am excited to be apart of this and see how it all works out.
My first impression of the school was that it is very huge. It could very well be a small college campus only in one area. It goes all the way from 2 years old to 12th grade. They speak three different languages at the school; Spanish, Catalan, and English which is very different from our schools. They start school at 9:00 everyday and end at 4:45. However, they get an hour an a half for lunch because most students and teachers go home during this time and they also get another small break throughout the day. In America we are used to going nonstop for 8 hours with a 20 minute lunch break so it is something that we have to get used to here. Everyone at the school is very welcoming and most can speak decent English. I look forward to getting more involved in the school the next 11 days we are there.
My first impression of the city was it is very pretty but very busy. There are always so many people walking and the streets are very busy with cars. They drive very fast and crazy over here so you have to be very careful when crossing the street. There are building everywhere and very close together. Everyone in Barcelona lives in a flat (apartment) and it is very rare that you see people living in houses here. Also most people walk everywhere they go, which is what my host family does everyday except for if it is very far away.
I am staying with a family of 5. There is a 2 year old, 10 year old, and 12 year old. They are very nice and can all speak English although sometimes it is harder to understand the parents. They have been very welcoming to me and I have my own bedroom and share a bathroom with the children. We are on a very busy street so I can hear alot of things and it is hard to sleep at night sometimes.
The food here can be very different from home and being a picky eater it is very hard for me. However, I have been trying to be open and try new things but I have not successfully finished some dishes. I brought goldfish and candy which helps when I get hungry! haha
Well that is all I have so far, more information and pictures will come soon.